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In the hands of Cyan's fabricators, engineers, designers and mechanics an original Volvo P1800 donor car is restored and modified into a Volvo P1800 Cyan during a process of 12-15 months.


The car is tailored to the owner's preferences. During this process no detail is left untouched. When the car rolls out through the workshop doors it is virtually a reborn automobile. 


The original Volvo P1800 unibody was, by the 1960's standards, seen as a robust construction. Compared with a modern day chassis however, it lacks strength due to the steel quality used at the time and to its design. Also, a sixty year old car has also lost a lot of its vigor. 

When the donor car has been dismantled, the steel body is sand blasted and all exterior body panels are removed together with any rusted details.

In the next phase the chassis is placed in a fixture where it is rebuilt, reinforced with high strength steel and weak points in the original design are modified through triangulation based on Cyan's engineering calculations and redesign.

In this process the chassis is also prepared for the Cyan designed independent rear suspension and front axle.

After completion the steel chassis is coated in a multilayer rust protection process and prepared to be joint with the carbon fibre body with high strength adhesive for additional structural rigidity.

IMG_5845 2_edited.jpg
CYAN_CNC ALU-PARTS P1800_20212594_Small.jpg


Only a handful parts from the original car get re-used in the Volvo P1800 Cyan. Everything from light switches and instruments to control arms and steering rack is replaced with bespoke parts manufactured by Cyan or its suppliers.

All aluminum parts from exterior chrome details to wheels and the front grille are machined from billet aluminum for perfect fit and function.


The basis for a precise and intuitive driving experience is a solid body structure. In addition to the reinforced steel chassis, the carbon fibre body is bonded to the steel though a high strength adhesive to function as an integrated component adding to the total rigidity of the chassis structure.


The use of carbon fibre is key to enable low weight and high responsiveness, with the car weighing from just 990 kilos pending specification.

CYAN_Vintage_close up__MGL1428 copy.jpg
CYAN_Vintage_close up__MGL1446 copy.jpg


The original Volvo electrical wiring and components are completely replaced with a modern CAN-bus based, PDM-controlled system designed by Cyan's electronics engineers.

Although instruments, switches, head- and tail lamps resemble the original, they are all based on modern reliable technology and bespoke for the car. 

This mean that although the car in almost every detail appears to be built in the sixties, the speakers can play music from the driver's smartphone and there are no fuse box with oxidized contact surfaces leaving you stranded along the road a rainy day. 

The best from the Sixties. Only Perfected.

CYAN_CNC ALU-PARTS P1800_20212704.jpg


The classic shapes of the P1800 signed Pelle Pettersson has been carefully adjusted by Cyan's designers.


The cabin has been slightly moved rearwards, the classic fins on the rear fenders were given a lower and softer shape and each surface has been carefully adjusted with the design possibilities available today.

"The difficulty lies in how far you can go in the refinement without losing the original car, said Ola Granlund, Cyan's head designer.


"We often get the comment that it is only when you see the original P1800 together with Cyan's interpretation that you see the difference. And we take that as a confirmation that we have achieved the goal."


Each individual interior is tailored uniquely to the clients preferences in dialogue with Cyan's designers.

The design team has focused on creating an interior that reflects the car décor of the sixties in a modern version. The clean and driver-oriented interior of the original car has been carefully redesigned with modern materials and technology,

Together with the client, colors and materials are carefully selected to match the car's exterior and the overall theme of the car.

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If you have the intentions to go forward with us and want to learn more about how to  realize your own Volvo P1800 Cyan, please contact us through:

General inquiries:

Media Inquiries:


A Volvo P1800 Cyan is based on a standard Volvo P1800 that is re-engineered, restored and modified by Cyan Racing.


The original car can be sourced by the customer or through Cyan. The car retains its original vehicle identity number.


Car Specification

The client specifies the car together with Cyan’s engineers, designer and test driver to tailor the vehicle to the client’s needs and preferences. Options are available for:

  • Exterior color and trim

  • Interior color and trim

  • Chassis set up and specification

  • Engine and drivetrain specification

  • Wheel design, color and dimensions


Cyan Racing AB (Cyan or Cyan Racing) restores and modifies existing Volvo cars for its customers. Cyan does not manufacture or sell cars.


Cyan is not sponsored, associated, approved, endorsed nor, in any way, affiliated with Volvo Cars. The Volvo name and trademarks, including P1800, are the trademarks of their respective holders.


Any mention of trademarked names or other marks is for purpose of reference only. The product of Cyan’s services is a Volvo P1800 re-engineered, restored and modified by Cyan.

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